Kanalidarte first opened its doors in March 2009 with an exhibition devoted to Gruppo T of Milan, together with works by Bonalumi, Castellani, Dadamaino, Grignani, and Scheggi. This was followed by a show of works by Alviani and Munari alongside those of Gruppo N. Therefore presenting the important solo exhibition dedicated to the solitary patriarch of contemporary art Luis Tomasello. And then again GRAV exposition and Bernard Aubertin retrospetive.
Being able to enjoy the grip collaboration with the historical gallery Artestruktura, international point of reference for the spreading of the programmed and kinetic art, kanalidarte already places itself in a position to offering some of the most important international works of the constructivism, kinetic

and programmed art from years '60 is 70.
What really aroused the determination of the young gallerist Afra Canali, who already had an overwhelming passion for op art, was her realisation that in many well-documented circumstances, even the most elementary public records were lacking, and no tribute was paid, nor was any due attention given to Kinetic Art in general and, in particular, to Arte Programmata in Italy.
Kanalidarte is rapidly becoming an arena of events, ranging from contemporary dance to avant-garde theatre and experimental music, with a vibrant interest in countless artistic expressions of contemporary experimentation.

galleria d�??arte_afra canali
v. alberto mario, 55 - 25121 brescia (italy)
info: T_ +39 030 5311196 M_+39 333 3471301 -
La galleria è aperta al pubblico dal martedì al sabato, dalle ore 15.30 alle ore 19.30

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