Licht und bewegung

Licht und bewegung
12 April_27 July 2014

alviani  anceschi  baldessari  biasi  boriani  costa  costalonga  dadamaino  demarco  de vecchi  garcia rossi  landi  le parc  massironi  simeti  simonetti  soto  varisco
enrico tommaso de pari

Not the desire for a superficial collection nor an absolute parallelism: an exhibition-comparison which invites reflection on the similitudes and contrasts among apparently distant artistic languages.
The historic protagonists of kinetic art vs. a recognised contemporary artist.?A confrontation/encounter. An encounter/confrontation.?An open dialogue of contrasting poetics.
The artist-as-man’s central position is denied in view of making the unquestioned protagonist the work itself, and the simulated world of man in the new millennium, whose contours are traced out in the form of biotechnologies and pharmaceutical and food multinationals.
At the basis of this artistic reflection both for the operators of De Paris’ kinetic/programmed creations and for the artist himself is the central role of science and technology as well as technical, industrial materials like plastic, glass, noble metals and immaterial elements like light, space and movement (real or artificial).