Leggere dagli anni sessanta: Milano

Leggere dagli anni sessanta: Milano
21 March_11th July 2009

Giovanni Anceschi, Agostino Bonalumi, Davide Boriani, Enrico Castellani, Antonio Colombo, Dadamaino, Gabriele De Vecchi, Franco Grignani, Paolo Scheggi, Grazia Varisco

The opening of the new Kanalidarte gallery is an opportunity to see and review works of a recent past, born in an extraordinary conjuncture for artistic research in Italy and Europe, between the 1950s and 1960s, a slice of history but intriguing, since the initiative was born as the first sign of a new exhibition venture: that of the young owner, Afra Canali.

On this occasion, along with some of the great masters of internationally renowned art, will be present artists who participated in the T Group in Milan, among the most significant expressive and behavioral conjunctions of those years.

Starting from a synthetic reflection on what has happened in the history of post war art depends on the awareness that observing and acting in the present can not ignore a "reflection" that has no presumption of making "history" - others should be the Institutions in charge of it - but wants to point out the work of artists that are undoubtedly focal still today.