Manzoni Piero

Piero Manzoni was born on July 13, 1933 in Soncino (Cremona). He grows in Milan, spending the summer holidays at Albisola Marina, in Liguria, where the family frequents Lucio Fontana, the founder of Spatialism.
In 1956 Manzoni debuted at the "IV Fiera Mercato" of the Sforzesco Castle of Soncino. The following year he participated in the exhibition "Arte Nucleare" at the San Fedele gallery in Milan: he painted anthropomorphic silhouettes and paintings with object imprints. He also realized the first Achromes (1957), large white surfaces soaked with glue and kaolin (a white clay used in ceramic production).
In 1958 he exhibited with Lucio Fontana and Enrico Baj. Collaboration with Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi begins. In 1959 he founded the magazine "Azimuth" and the Azimut Gallery.
Manzoni's style becomes more and more radical. Overtakes the surface of the painting and proposes a series of provocative works, intolerant to tradition:
 -Lines drawn on paper strips, rolled up and closed in a cardboard tube (the longest, created in Herning, Denmark, in 1960, thanks to the patronage of Aage Damgaard, measuring 7200 meters);
-The Corpi d’Aria and the Fiato d’Artista (balloons containing the breath of Manzoni);
-Eggs sculpture, authenticated by the artist's fingerprints;
-The magic bases, pedestals on which anyone can become a work of art;
- New Achromes, made of the most varied materials, from glass fiber to plasticized sheets, some strictly white, others in phosphorescent colors.
On July 21, 1960, Piero Manzoni presented at the Azimut Gallery in Milan one of the most famous performances: “Consumazione dell'arte dinamica del pubblico divorare l'arte”. The artist signs thumbs with some hard boiled eggs that are consumed on the spot by the public.
In 1961, Piero Manzoni, at the Galleria La Tartaruga in Rome, signed for the first time humans, transforming them into living sculptures. In the same year, he puts the boxes of artist Merda.
In 1962, Manzoni designed with Jes Petersen the publication of a book on white pages: "Piero Manzoni, The Life and the Works".
On February 6, 1963, Manzoni suddenly died of a heart attack in Milan, in his studio.


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