ENRICO TOMMASO DE PARIS born 1960 in Mel - Belluno, lives and works in Turin, Italy

From the beginning, in the early nineties, the work of Enrico T. De Paris, a multimedia artist, was created in the most diverse expressive languages, ranging from painting to installation, from video to digital images, for creating a personal interpretation of the world: everything is surrounded by a whirl of lights and sound, glass, plastic and steel in order to evoke the disorder built in function for the deepest message in search of a new dimension.

Careful of the rights of the men and their dreams, for the future of all mankind, De Paris depicts a next world contaminated by bio-technologies and by the power of multinational chemical-pharmaceutical and agro-food and offers metaphors as descriptive conceptual model and premonitory.

The installations, in many cases are site-specific, transform the space in which they are displayed in a place of reflection on the contemporary state: a glimpse into the future leads him to create installations without center, projected in our eyes and successively in our minds, to build uncertain and evolutionary dimensions.

PALAZZO DELLE CONTESSE, Made in Mel, Belluno,Italy (2016)

FONDAZIONE MILLENIUM BCP, Lisbona, Portogallo (2016)

TRIENNALE, Milano, Italy (2014)

MUSEO SCIENZE NATURALI, Torino, Italy (2013)

MUSEO MART, Rovereto ,Italy (2011)

MUSEO SCIENZE NATURALI, Torino, Italy (2011)


KUNSTHALLE  MERANO ARTE, Merano, Italy (2009)

STADTGALERIE Kiel,Germany (2008)

KUNSTHALLE Graz, Austria (2008)

“TINA B.” the Prague contemporary, Prague, Czech Republic (2007)

MUSEO SCIENZE NATURALI, Trento, Italy (2007)

BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, Arsenale Novissimo, Venezia, Italy (2005)

BIENNALE DI VENEZIA , Santa Maria della Pietà, Venezia, Italy (2003)

DETROIT Video Festival, Museum–MONA,  Detroit, U.S.A.(2003)


PAC Padiglione Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy (2000)

MAMBO Museo Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy (1997)

CASTELLO DI RIVOLI Museo Arte Contemporanea, Torino, italy (1996)

MUSEUM VAN BOMMEL-VAN DAM, Venlo, Nederland (1996)

KONINKLIJNK MUSEUM S.K. / I.C.C. , Anversa, Belgium (1996)


CIVICO MUSEO REVOLTELLA, Trieste. Italy (1994)

TREVI FLASH ART MUSEUM, Perugia, Italy (1993)

An interest in our present-day way of living. Describing the world that is continually expanding and rapidly changing before our very eyes, in an attempt to adapt our psyche and soul to the transformations that social migrations, technology and bio-technologiesare making to our everyday life and to that of man in the future.

Tryingto document the so-called"state of things" – the stimuli for work are thus the images, sensations, writings that revolve around today’s man,  to suggest the possibility that man might build himself a new world, new realities, inventing new metaphors to identify the new planet.

For years now my work has consisted in setting up parcelled, split pictorial structures (GOOD NEWS; H.O.T.)I organise signs and stimuli, aiming to create a work that is visually resolved but conceptually unresolvedthe nature of my works is scientific rather than aesthetic, social rather than formal,( INSIDE; LABORATORY; >CHROMOSOMA< ) as an artist, I feel that this is my function in society.

I contemplate man with all his needs and rights and his inbred longing for a future. Since there are no maps of the future and its boundaries are being traced out by bio-technologies and the chemical-pharmaceutical and agri-foodstuff multinationals the inclusion of a new  vision, the creation of "world works"has become important and constructive.( BIO-LANDSCAPE; FLUSSI: H:F:E:A.; GENESIS )

This gives rise to the vision of a divided world in which simulated landscapes and simulated realities are essential in order to understand it better. All this because each culture is a synthesis of reality and simulationa close net of symbolic cross-references that substitute actual things or supplement the essence thereof, to render this a tool for man.

In real-life the flow of sensations is incoherent and continuous, from all sides and at all times we are receiving signs of inextricable disorder is here that a new sign is inner sign, to interpret, experience, act,invent new models,new simulations, to illustrate the wealth of sensorial signs to which we are exposed.

Today, more than ever before, the world is developing rapidly, it is undergoing increasingly complex changes so that it can no longer be represented..we must therefore elaborate an open thought in which there are no schemes a thought with no centre like the non-linear logic typical of electronic languages (flow-chart, feed-back, loop).

The aim of this experience is to bring the common man into contact with the sensitivity necessary for our everyday approach to the world around us.( ORGANIC )The contemporary artist works with a great many rules of logic, he is in touch with a number of realities, both material and spiritual, with several times, With several ways of life,he continually modifies his point of view in order to increase the energy the world offers him, in his imagination the artist must exalt elements of present-day life and convey absolute positiveness…illuminating signs, thus creating worksin-progress structures that allow for infinite optical re-configuration and are open to interpretation, with no beginning and no end but a galaxy of meanings, for which no univocal,definitive, satisfactory explanation is available, not only, but also, a casual chain of messages, not a single perspective but many points of view, within this sphere the function of"world works"metaphors is that of the conceptual model: they not only describe but also explain.

A mise-en-scène that represents the energy and positiveness of the creative power of evolution and the potential of mankind in the new millennium. ( ESCAPE )


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