Castellani Enrico

He studied art, sculpture and architecture and he graduated at the Ecole Nationale Superieure. In Milan he becomes an active exponent of the new artistic scene. In particular, he establishes relationships of friendship and collaboration with Manzoni, with whom he forms an artistic association. Fruitful relationships of cultural exchange are also happening with Agostino Bonalumi and Lucio Fontana. After the first informal experiences, probably inspired by American painting and, above all, by Mark Tobey, recognizing this art as ripe for overcoming, he elaborates, with the collaboration of Azimuth magazine, a new beginning that proposes a total reset of the previous artistic experience, based on a new covenant with social progress. This reset is made by Manzoni, Castellani and Bonalumi with the use of monocrome tones, often wholly white, extroflexed with various techniques to create light effects and changing shadows with the inclination of the light source. It was an entirely original experience and considered of fundamental importance in the history of abstract art of the twentieth century, not only in the Italian scene. Castellani and Bonalumi initiated a rigorous study and analysis of the possibilities offered by the extrusion of the canvas by the use of nails, metal and wood shapes inserted behind the canvas. The work of Castellani, in particular, from the work of 1959 "Relief Black Surface", despite the constant fidelity to the artistic medium initially chosen, is considered by many critics of extreme purity, where the repetition of the carefully chosen of the full and the voids given by the rhythmic extrusion of the canvas is a new, though coherent and intense, path. Even in rare works on paper, he succeeded in realizing his very own style of rhythmic extroflexion. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale in 1964, 1966 and 2003, Documenta of Kassel in 1968 at The responsive eye, New York's MoMa in 1965 and the "Identité Italienne" exhibition at the center G. Pompidou of Paris. He also exhibited, among the numerous exhibitions dedicated to him, the 1965 São Paulo Biennial and the great staff at the Prada Foundation in Milan in 2001.

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