Biasi Alberto

Alberto Biasi was born in Padua on 2 June 1937. He attended high school in Padua and then he moved to Venice to attend the school of architecture and the advanced course of technical drawing in Venice.

The artistic activity took shape in 1959, year in which he received the first prize at the 4th Cittadella Youth Biennal, the first public award won by an artist who, though young, was already developinh various stimuli, political ideals and artistic concerns. The Group N was founded in Padua and Biasi, its guiding spirit, worked with it until its definitive dissolution in 1967. His contacts very soon extended to the national and internation level, and he exhibited work in the 1960s with Manzoni and Castellani as well as the European artists of the New Artistic Conception group. Fully involved in the ferment of those innovative years, he joined the Nuove Tendenze movement in 1961 and took part in the founding of the Arte Programmata movement in 1962 together with the rest of the Group N, Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari and the Group T.

Biasi based his own art on new canons in those early years. Interaction between the viewer and the work became an indispensable cornerstone and movement – in the passive sense of virtual motion, the appearance of movement – led the artist to address the problems of kinetics and the associated investigation of visual perception and the individual reaction to luminous stimuli.

The Group N had broken up in the meantime, thus marking the end of a collective approach adopted as a result of strong political and ideological commitment. He continued on a solo basis developing themes that have been his “happy obsession” ever since.

Meanwhile, his art went through new phases of study and experimentation. Deeper investigation of the impact of natural light led to the Politipi (Polytypes), a new series of works of unquestionable hypnotic power produced by means of torsions, the superimposing of planes and the interweaving of sheets and strips of material, thus interacting in the pursuit of harmonic movement with the third dimension of depth, alluded to more than actually addressed. The Politipi of the 1970s evolved in the following decade with elements of figuration. The perceptual effects became increasingly complex, new optical “tricks” caused by the manipulation of light, which changes together with the shiftinh of viewpoint, thus attesting to and confirming the absolute variable od perception in the spectator.

The Politipi were then enriched in the 1990s with an element previuosly somewhat overlooked by Alberto Biasi, namely painting, through the insertion of colour, traces, shadows and allusions as a supporting counterpoint to the complex structure of layered surfaces. The resulting Assemblaggi (Assemblages), caracterized by a severe handling of colour tending towards the monochromatic.

After participation in the twelve exhibitions of the Group N, Biasi has held over one hundred solo shows and taken part in countless group events, including the Venice Biennial (32nd and 42nd), the Rome Quadrennial (10th, 11th and 14th), the Sao Paulo Biennial (11th) and the most important international biennials of graphic art. His numerous major international awards include in particular the prize obtained for the multiple Io sono in the 1973 World Print Competition jointly held by the California College od Arts and Crafts and the San Francisco Museum of Art. The exhibition of thirty works in the Hermitage, Saint Petesburg, in 2006 and the exhibition “Kaleidoscope: from Patterns to Assemblages” at the Museo del Palazzo Reale, Genoa, in 2009 were both highly successful.

Works by Biasi are to be found in the Modern Art Museum in New York, the Galleria Nazionale in Rome, the Hermitage in Saint Petesburg, the museums of Belgrade, Bolzano, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, Ciudad Bolivar, Epinal, Gallarate, Guayaquil, Livorno, Lodz, Ljubljana, Middletown, Padua, Prague, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Tokyo, Turin, Ulm, Venice, Waldenbuch, Wroclaw and Zagabria, and in numerous collections in Italy and other countries.

Solo Exhibitions



Milan, Dep Art, Light visions

Cittadella (PD), Palazzo Pretorio, Alberto Biasi: gli ambienti



Santiago (Chile), MAC - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Alberto Biasi y Jorrit Tornquist. De la luz a la imagen

Paris, Galerie Tornabuoni Art, Alberto Biasi

New York, De Buck Gallery, Unlimited perception

Santiago (Chile), AMS Marlorough Gallery, Alberto Biasi

Knokke (Belgium), MDZ Art Gallery, Alberto Biasi. In the eye of the beholder



Ravenna, Museo Nazionale di Ravenna e Mausoleo di Teodorico, Alberto Biasi a San Vitale. La luce e gli ambienti della storia

Buenos Aires, MACBA, Alberto Biasi y Jorrit Tornquist. De la luz a la imagen

London, The Mayor Gallery, Alberto Biasi. Optical/Dynamic

Milan, MAAB Gallery, Alberto Biasi. Exordiri / le Trame



Motovun, Fondazione Miroslaw Sutej, Alberto Biasi

Lugano, Galleria Allegra Ravizza, Alberto Biasi, opere dal 1959 al 2013



Milan, Fondazione Zappettini, Alberto Biasi

Venice, Perl’A Gallery, Il senso c’è e si vede

Padua, Maab studio d’arte, Alberto Biasi. Politipi



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Rome, La Quadriennale, Villa Carpegna, Il Gruppo N_ Oltre la pittura, oltre la scultura, l’arte programmata

Bologna, Arte Fiera, Gruppo Euromobil hall 15-03, installazione 2009 il quadrato rotola

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Brescia, Osservatorio d’Opera, Alberto Biasi, opere dalla collezione Prestini 


Barcelona, Museu Diocesà, Alberto Biasi, la imaginaciò: el moviment, l’espai

Perugia, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Palazzo dei Priori, Alberto Biasi,

l’immaginazione: il movimento, lo spazio



San Pietroburgo, Museo Hermitage, Alberto Biasi: testimonianze del cinetismo e dell’arte programmata in Italia e in Russia

Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Studio F22 Modern Art Gallery, Alberto Biasi “immagini dagli occhi”



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Arezzo, Museo Civico d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea,  Alberto Biasi - Julio Le Parc

Urbino, Palazzo Ducale, Biasi Alberto Biasi

Milan, PoliArt Galleria d’Arte, Alberto Biasi



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Sarzana, Galleria Cardelli e Fontana, Palazzo Civico, Alberto Biasi



Padua, Loggiato Palazzo della Ragione e Piazza delle Erbe, Trasposizione



Padua, Fioretto Arte Contemporanea, Alberto Biasi. Ricognizioni e oltre

Udine,Galleria Palladio, Alberto Biasi



Padua, Galleria Vasquez, Alberto Biasi: acquerelli e altro

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Épinal, Museo Dipartimentale dei Vosgi, Convergences Cinétiques



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Vicenza, Basilica Palladiana, Nel luogo del Palladio



Venice, Fondazione Bevilacqua-La Masa, Camminare senza seguire orme



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Padua Galleria La Chiocciola, Alberto Biasi

Milan, Galleria Vinciana, Alberto Biasi



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New York, Tizian Gallery, Alberto Biasi

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Pesaro, Galleria il Segnapassi, Alberto Biasi del Gruppo N

Padua, Galleria La Chiocciola, Alberto Biasi: dinamiche, multipli e politipi



Lodz, Muzeum Sztuki, Grupa N

Breslavia, Muzeum Slaskiego, Grupa N



Padua, Galleria La Chiocciola, Enne ‘65

Genoa, Galleria La Polena, Enne '65



Venice, XXXII Biennale Internazionale d'Arte, Sala gruppo enne



Ulm, Studio F, Groupe N



Padua, Studio Enne, Alberto Biasi del gruppo enne

Padua, Studio Enne, Mostra del pane



Padua, Studio Enne, Porta chiusa, nessuno è invitato a intervenire



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Rome, Xª Quadriennale d'arte nazionale, Situazione dell'arte figurativa e la ricerca estetica dal '60 al '70

Kansas City, Art Research Center

Teheran, Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Rome, Galleria Il Segno; Napoli, Galleria Carolina Portici; Torino, Galleria Christian Stein, Processo fattivo

Ljubljana, Moderna Galerija, Xª Biennale de Gravure

Basel, IV Mostra Internazionale d'Arte

San Martino di Lupari, Biennale Triveneta d'Arte Contemporanea

Dusseldorf, IKI 3 Internationaler Markt fur aktuelle Kunst 1973

San Francisco, Museum of Modern Art, World print competition 73



Kraków, IV Biennale internazionale della grafica

Frenchen, Internationale Grafik-Biennale

Bradford, Bradford City Art Gallery and Museum, IIIª Biennale della grafica

Fredrikstads, Iª Biennale internazionale della Grafica

Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario

Saint Vincent, Palazzo delle Terme, Arte e Società, Proposte di intervento attivo

Venice, Galleria del Cavallino, Faites votre jeu



Berlin, 3ª Fruhjahrsmesse

Bozen, IV Biennale di Bolzano

Ljubljana, IX Esposition internationale de Gravure

Montréal, Musée des beaux-arts, Salon de la gravure

San Paolo, XI Biennale di San Paulo

Rome, Qui Arte Contemporanea, Omaggio a Balla

Lodz, Muzeum Stzuki, Swiatlo geometrii

San Martino di Lupari, Rassegna Triveneta d'Arte Contemporanea



Kraków, IIIª Biennale internazionale della grafica

Grenchen, Triennale internazionale di stampe grafiche a colori

London, Hayward Gallery, Kinetics

Bradford, Bradford City Art Gallery and Museum, IIª Biennale della Grafica

Modena, Iª Biennale nazionale Arte e Critica

Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, La vitalità del negativo

Belgrade, Muzeja Suvremene Umjetnosti, Inostrana grafika iz zbirke

Milan, Barozzi-Ricci, La percezione pura

Lodz, Muzeum Stzuki, Grafika, Rysunek, Collage



Zagreb, Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti, Nove Tendencije4

Oslo, Kunstnernes Hus; Arhus C. Danmark, Ars Studeo, Visuelt miljo

Ljubljana, Moderna Galerija, VIII esposizione internazionale della grafica

Johannesburg, New Goodman gallery, Plastic research



Vysociny, Oblastni galerie, Konkrètistu

Prague, Galérie Vàclava Spàly, Klub Konkretistu. (cervenec 1968)

Jihlave, Domu kultury; Vystavni, Domu Kultury, Usti n. 1

Grenoble, Maison de la Culture, Cinetisme, spectacle, environment

Warszawa, Zacheta, Wspolczesna sztuka wloska

Bochum; Berlin; Koln, Italienische kunst des XX jahrhunderst

Stockholm, Malmo Museum e Liljevalchs, Nutida italiensk konst

Bratislava, Biennale internazionale dei giovani, Danuvius 68



Milan, Il Cenobio, La nuova tendenza

Lexington Kentucky, University of Kentucky Art Gallery, Graphies 67

Rome, Galleria l'Obelisco, La luce

Tokyo, National Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Italian Art

Foligno, Palazzo Trinci, Lo spazio dell'immagine

Montreal, Expo 67 - Padiglione italiano

Republic of San Marino, VI Biennale Internazionale d'Arte, Nuove tecniche d'immagine

Paris, V Biennale internazionale dei giovani

Firenze; Bologna; Lecce; Livorno; Torino, Ipotesi linguistiche intersoggetive

Mestre, X premio di pittura Mestre



Rome, Galleria nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Aspetti dell'arte italiana

Dortmund, Moderne Kunst aus Italien

Naples, Galleria Il Centro; Stoccolma, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Tendenze confrontate

Bern, Kunsthalle, Weiss auf Weiss

Genoa, Galleria La Polena, Panorama uno

Buenos Aires, Museo de Arte Moderna, Aspetti dell'arte italiana

Oslo, Kunsterne hus, Modern intaliensk Kunst. Bergens kunst forening

Johannesburg, Art centre; Cape Town, South African national gallery, Art of the space age kuus van die ruitme-cen

Eindhoven, Stedelik van abbemuseum, Kunst-licht-Kunst

Bordeaux, Sigma II



Bern, Kunsthhalle Bern, Licht und Bewegung

Verona, Galleria Ferrari, La critica e la giovane pittura italiana

Bern, Galerie Aktuel, Aktuell 65

Columbia, Museum of Modern Art; Ithaca, White Museum of Art; Alientown Art Museum, Arte progammata 2

New York, Museum of Modern Art; St. Louis, City Art Museum; Seattle, Art Museum; Pasadena, Art Museum; Baltimora, Museum of Art, The responsive eye

Rome, Galleria l'Obelisco, Perpetuum mobile

Zagreb, Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti, Nova tendencija 3

Cannes, Casino Municipal, L'art actuel en Italie

Turin, Galleria Il Punto



London, Royal College of arts, Arte programmata

Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs du Louvre, Nouvelle Tendence

New York, Loeb Student Center; State University Tellahassee, Arte programmata 2

Avezzano, Palazzo Torlonia, XV Premio Avezzano, Strutture di visione

Florence, Galleria Proposte; Palermo, Galleria Il Chiodo; Genoa, Galleria La Polena; Turin, Galleria Il Punto, Proposte strutturali plastiche e sonore



Milan, Galleria Cadario; Torino, Galleria La Bussola, Oltre la Pittura, oltre la Scultura

Düsseldorf, Goppinger Galerie, Arte programmata I

Republic of San Marino, IV Biennale Internazionale d'Arte, Oltre l'informale (1st prize)

Zagreb, Galerija Suvreme Umjetnosti, Nove Tendencije 2

Venice, Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Nuove Tendenze 2



Antwerp, Hessenhuis g 58, Antipeinture

Milan, Olivetti, Arte programmata I. The exhibition continues in Venice, Rome, Trieste



Zagreb, Galerjia Suvremene Umjetnosti, Nove Tendencije 1

Lissone, XII Premio Lissone

Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, Bewogen Beweging - Le Mouvement dans l’art



Milan, Galleria Azimut (May)

Milan, Galleria Azimut (June)

Padua, Circolo del Pozzetto, La nuova concezione artistica

Rome, GalleriaTrastevere, Sculture tascabili, componibili, trasportabili, istantanee



Cittadella, IV Triveneta giovanile d'arte (1st prize B/N)