Indagini sull'astrattismo geometrico

Indagini sull'astrattismo geometrico
6 June_ -23 September 2017




The 1st June 2017, in the two spaces of the Kanalidarte gallery of Brescia, opened an exhibition that permitted the dialogue between the works of four protagonists of the foreground  of the italian historical avant-gardes.
The explosion of colors and thoughts of Burno Munari, saw the delicate silence of Antonio Calderara.
In the exhibition black and white frames that Luigi Veronesi made from the 1930s to the 1980s and the geometric and the optical experiments by Franco Grignani, starting for both by pictorial works of the beginnings.

The abstractism that initially has had renewal power, after having gone through periods of crisis, has been able to re-emerge by giving energy to other artistic moments and by the oscillations of taste, the constructive poetic has reincarnated in the "new abstraction" of specific artists. Trends move on but Veronesi, Grignani, Munari, Calderara are always there, in the in-visible real, discovering the signs of their inexhaustible geometry and affirming "abstract reason"  in their studies full of works and history, where the images of a colorful crystal universe of poetry are born.

No other disgression is comparable to the tought of this masters if not some quotes written here:

"I want to paint the nothing that is all, the silence, the light. I want to paint the infinite" [antonio calderara_from autobiografia]

"I paint, I paint and my paintings mature in the luminous color and in the structure always simpler.
Not anymore nature, not anymore the man, but the nature and the man sized in the need of the more absolute synthesis, taken to that extreme limit of essentiality, where finish the memory to have the principle of idea. Ambition of a reality of image, that it is not reality anymore, but the highest, the purest, the more abstract expression of that reality"
[antonio calderara_from autobiografia]

"I don't paint, I find"
[antonio calderara_from autobiografia]