Gruppo MID 1965/2015_ Antonio Barrese Alberto Marangoni

Gruppo MID 1965/2015_ Antonio Barrese Alberto Marangoni
13 February_28 May 2016

"MID is the acronym of Mutamento (Change) Immagine (Image) Dimensione (Size). Change: innovation, avant-garde attitude. Image: visuality, area where the group works. Size: involvement of the temporal, multimedial and sinesthesia dimension."
Stefania Gaudiosi

The MID Group (Antonio Barrese, Alfonso Grassi, Gianfranco Laminarca and Alberto Marangoni) is one of the main representatives of Kinetic and Programmed Arts.
Its founders can, however, be regarded as Post Kinetics. This is for generational reasons, and for the strong propensity of the group for technology, the media, and relations with science and design. MID research has in fact gone far beyond that of other individual artists and groups.
By surely sharing many of the guidelines that characterize kinetic art in its kind, the singularity of the MID Group lies predominantly in the poetics linked to the Change: not a change related to the movement of the object-art in its becoming, but a real push which, through the movement, leads to its total transformation.
MID's activities include the realization of objects and structures, interactive installations and large installations, experimental photographs and films, visual acoustic performance and environmental projects, all designed with a strong orientation in determining the languages.
In 1965 the group joined the Nova Tendencija movement, taking part in Zagreb's third edition. Also in 1965 is the first exhibition dedicated to the group: Immagini Stroboscopiche at the Galleria Danese in Milan.
There are more than 400 exhibitions between personal and collective, in galleries and museums, in Italy and abroad, until 1972, the year the MID melts.