ALDO MONDINO sessantasettanta

ALDO MONDINO sessantasettanta
23 June_ 28 October 2016

curated by Piero Cavellini

From the colored lightness of the Pop aesthetic to the Arte Povera processual critic.
Aldo Mondino, the missed link between the art of Gino De Dominicis and the creative genius of Alighieri Boetti.
The new project gallery by Kanalidarte, for the occasion of its opening shows “Aldo Mondino sessantasettanta”, an anthological exhibition introducing the production of this eccentric personality who has contributed in a determinate and unique way to the artistic researches of the Sixties.
The exhibition shows some works which belong to the most significative series of the artist:  squared canvases, scales, false lithographies and false collages, artworks made using the sugar and still others which goes to the installation such as the balloons and Vedere rosso. An excursus that reveals the playfulness characterizing his works, without omitting the most crucial part, which has always up seen him in comparison with issues of deep value.
The decision made by Kanalidarte to dedicate a show to Mondino is connected with the will to pay homage to a figure that, albeit always placed at the borders of the art system, has been represented by first-level galleries such as Christian Stein in Milan and Gian Enzo Sperone in Turin and New York, to demonstrate the relevance of his research.