a visionary man_ENRICO T. DE PARIS_ 25 years of selected works

a visionary man_ENRICO T. DE PARIS_ 25 years of selected works
15 November 2014_23 February 2015

The exhibition a visionary man - 25 years of selected works, is a collection of selected works (1990 - 2014) that Enrico T. De Paris has dedicated to the subject of the planet’s transformation by humankind, from biotechnologies to electronics, social migration to medicine.
We can see new living forms in closed plexiglass cylinders enveloped by a blue neon light, hybridization’s rich in allusive metaphors pointing towards new horizons, paintings where the pictorial subject becomes organic experimentation and enables us to transverse molecular structures or asymmetrical abstractions, escape routes towards new mental pathways.  Again, "Chromosoma", the installation was already present at the 51st. Venice Biennale (2005) and is a reflection on DNA, the founding building block of life. The use of glass and steel, of "clean" materials taken together with objects from daily life, contribute to making the artwork an astounding journey between luminous elements and sounds, which refashion the active element of the genetic structure.
Key to the artistic thinking of Enrico T. De Paris is humankind, caught in it’s innate tension towards the future, encompassing those needs to stabilise rights, dreams and needs inside our fragile dimension of reality, the boundaries of which are re-established and rewritten by biological and electronic manipulation.
Enrico T. De Paris, across microenvironments and alternative contexts, invites the viewer to reflect on social conditions, alongside politics and economic policies which rule over our time.