Jacques Toussaint, ARTE 1967-2017

Jacques Toussaint, ARTE 1967-2017
28 May_19 July 2018

Opening: Saturday  26th May 2018, 19:00 p.m

Kanalidarte art gallery, directed by Afra Canali, shows a retrospective exhibition of Jacques Toussaint starting from 26th of May 2018, the french artist who has been active in Italy from 1971, highlighting an evolution of his rich artistic research.

The exhibition, made of paintings, tapestry, collages, reliefs, sculptures, lights installations, wants to provide the development of his work in fifty years of activity, from 1967 until today, to let the visitors appreciate that extremely coherent creative logic  that the french artist-designer has followed with consistency for all these years.


Toussaint’s research has developed between art and design, different expressions but intimately connected by a thought that juxtapose creative freedom and functionality, poetry and rationality. From this fundamentals, his artistic work moves through the rigorous area of geometry and lives of the composition of segments (and, sometimes, of arches) made now of pure signs of light, take power form a true immersion in the space, that become a part that reinforce the use of neon lights that generates an intriguing atmosphere. Appreciable seems the overcoming of the staticity of geometry with a play of symmetries and asymmetries of successful dynamic values.

An important monographie of the artist has just being made, thought with the collaboration of Valmore Studio d’Arte (Vicenza, Venice), translated in four languages and curated by the famous critic Luigi Cavadini.