Gruppo MID

Antonio Barrese Alberto Marangoni

Gruppo MID is among a leading figures of Kinetic and Programmed art.
While contributors in the area of Kinetic Art, it can also be considered Post Kinetic. This is both due to generational reasons and the group's strong propensity for technique, media, and relations with science and design. In fact its research has gone far beyond that of other individual artists and groups alike.
Definitely sharing many of the guidelines that characterize kinetic art in its genre (collective work, negation of the individuality of the artist - all the works of MID are rigorously only signed with the name of the group, whereas other groups have not been able to maintain such strict determination - interactivity of the spectator who becomes a protagonist of the work itself in its becoming, identity of both art and project). The singularity of the MID Group lies predominantly in the poetry tied to Mutation: it is not a change tied to the movement of the art object in its becoming, but a true effort that, through the movement, leads to its total Transformation.
MID's activity is rich and extensive. It includes the realization of objects and structures, interactive installations and large exhibitions, experimental photographs and films, visual-acoustic synesthetic performance and environmental projects, all conceived with a strong orientation toward the definition of languages.
In 1965, the group became part of the Nova Tendencija movement, partecipa- ting in Nova Tendencija 3 in Zagreb.?Also in 1965, the first exhibition dedicated to the group took place: Stroboscopic images at the Galleria Danese in Milan.
It was followed by more than four hundred personal and group exhibitions in galleries and museums both in Italy and abroad until 1972, when MID dissolved.


Immagini stroboscopiche, Galleria Danese, Milan

Arte Cinetica, Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste

Nova Tendencija 3, Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti, Zagreb – Croatia

Arte Programmata, Galleria Il Punto, Turin

Del linguaggio grafico nella comunicazione visiva, Castello del Valentino, Turin

MID Gruppo di ricerca, Galleria Il Centro, Naples

Gruppo '70 Luna Park, Galleria Vigna Nuova, Florence


Tendenze confrontate, figurazione oggettuale e arte visuale, Galleria Il Centro, Naples

Mostra dell'oggetto di serie, Galleria Arco d'Alibert, Rome

Ambiente stroboscopico programmato e sonorizzato, Sala Espressioni Ideal Standard, Milan

Art of the space age, Art Centre, Johannesburg – South Africa

Mid Ricerche visive, Galleria La Salita, Rome

Avanguardia italiana, Steninge Palace and Cultural Center, Stockholm – Sweden

Nuove ricerche visive in Italia, Galleria Milano, Milan

Mid Ricerche visive, Galleria Il Canale, Venice

Salone internazionale dei giovani, Scuola Grande di San Teodorico, Venice

Kunst licht kunst, Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (Holland)

Gruppo MID Milan Ricerche visive, Saba Studio, Villingen – Germany

Sigma II, Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux – France

Gruppo MID, Centro di filmologia e cinema sperimentale, Naples


Nuova Tendenza, Arte Programmata italiana, Galleria della Sala di Cultura, Modena

Nuova Tendenza, Arte Programmata italiana, Sala comunale delle esposizioni, Reggio Emilia

Lo spazio dell'immagine, Palazzo Trinci, Foligno (PG)

Immagini sintetiche, CIFE-Ferrania, Milan

Arte cinetica, Galleria La Polena, Genoa


XXIV Salon de Mai, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris – France

XIV Triennale, Milan

Arte cinetica e programmata, Galleria Cortina, Milan

Arte cinetica e programmata, Galleria del Naviglio, Milan


Visuelt miljo 1, Lys og bevegelse, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo – Norway

Immagini sintetiche, CIFE-Ferrania, Milan

Tendencije 4, Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti and Galerije Grada Zagreba, Zagreb – Croatia


Fotografia creativa, Centro storico Varesino, Varese